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Author Pam Egbert published the Children’s book Galon the Northern Pintail Duck in the fall of 2015.   Galon has been
sold worldwide and is available on many online book sites.  Children from all over the world are falling in love with
Galon and his friends at the pond.

Samantha Sheridan is a new author with Egbert Books & Publications.  Samantha is publishing her first novel, The Silver
Heart, in 2016.  The book has been approved by the American Quarter Horse Association for use of their name, events
and organization in the book.  

Egbert Books & Publications also works with James Paul Publishing in search of new authors for publishing.
Order today!  The Silver Heart can be ordered directly
from printer.  They ship immediately, no pre-orders or
shipping delays.
Oh, what fun to be whisked
back in time with “the
Congress” was the main event
for my family.  The Silver
Heart lets me become part of a
young couple falling in and left
me wondering if the ways of the
world would tear them apart.  
It was a book about people
loving people, people loving
horses and it pulls at my heart
from many angles.  Once I
picked The Silver Heart book
up I couldn’t put it down.  I
may re-read it tomorrow….
Just finished reading the
new book (The Silver Heart)
written by my niece,
Samantha Sheridan! I am so
proud of you young lady!!!!!
The story line is awesome, it
was one I could not figure
out until the end .......and
then I wasn't ready for it to
end. You ask what my
emotions were while reading
- I went from happiness,
crying, back to putting
myself in her shoes. Once
again "It is a must read",
please start the next chapter!
Galon the Northern Pintail Duck is available on many eBook sites and also online book sites
across the web. has both the hard cover and the eBook,
Autograph copies can be found in hard cover and paperback on Ebay, under Farmersdaughter5858

On October 28, 10:00 a.m. Montana Silversmiths hosted a book signing at the
50th All American Quarter Horse Congress, Columbus, Ohio. Author of The
Silver Heart, Samantha Sheridan, and Pete Oen signed books and had pictures
taken with the friends, family and fans. The Montana Silversmiths booth also
had the Silver Heart necklace, on the front cover of the book, for sale.

To purchase silver heart necklace go to: