March/April 2017
   Last October I received a phone call from Alexis J. O'Boyle, from the American
Quarter Horse Association about my book,
The Silver Heart.  Alexis asked me some
questions about the book and then it turned into a long interview.  She asked me
questions about how I came up with the idea of the book, about the characters and my
thoughts on the book.  When I received my copy of America's Horse I was thrilled with
the end product.  This article is very good.  Alexis found the heart of the book just like I
did when I wrote it.  
The Silver Heart is not like other books on the market. I didn't write the book just to
write a book, I wrote it with love and my heart plastered all over the pages.  I have
ridden Quarter Horses all my life and I will love them until the last day on this earth I
am sure.  There is so much heart in this book and my readers are writing reviews about
loving the book, but hating me for making them cry and the way I wrote part of the
story, because again they cried.
   I love a book that is easy to read and you feel what the characters are feeling and you
get involved with the characters in the story.  As I told Alexis, this book was not planned
in the beginning... I just put the words on the page as they came to me.  The characters
grew as I typed and new characters came into the picture as I found a place for them.  
There were a few characters in the book that were pre-planned and others I added as I
needed them.  I used horse ranches in Texas because there are many big Quarter Horse
ranches in Texas that has a long history of raising top quality Quarter Horses.
   There is no way to send enough thanks to everyone at the American Quarter Horse
Association for doing this article.   In the past several months I have talked to a few
people from their head office and everyone was so kind in every email and phone call.  
In today's society it isn't always about customer service, but getting a job done.  That is
not the case with the AQHA, they care about the people on the other end of the
   Holly Clanahan said,  “If you join AQHA now and would like your subscription to
America’s Horse to start with the March-April issue, just call the AQHA Customer
Service department at 806-376-4811, and they will gladly set that up.”
  You don't have to own a Quarter Horse to be a member, just be in love with horses and
support a great organization.
  Thank you to everyone who helped with this project and who is still working hard with
The Silver Heart project!  You guys are all the greatest.

Samantha Sheridan
"Long Slow Night" was written by
performed by Lee Gibson.  "Long Slow
Night" was written into the book as the
slow dance Sue and Mike dance to on the
"magical" evening he takes Sue out for.

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