I am an English Major Graduate of the University of Toronto. I have edited adult novels, children's books, a cook book, medical self
help, biographies, fictions, non-fictions, personal memoires, science fiction, a published travel magazine, and am the acknowledged
editor of fifty-five published books. As a published author, I wrote a collection of children's books, and a variety of business
documents. As an English Assistance and ESL tutor, I have instructed editing skills courses for Delta Continuing Education, and have
been a writing skills instructor for private organizations. I was under contract for fifteen years with Kwantlen Polytechnic University,
Richmond, BC campus, working in the Adult Learning Center tutoring ESL students and those wishing to upgrade Grade Twelve and
University course marks. I am a co-founder of a writer's support group in North Delta, BC. Writer's Cramp Editing Consultants was
established in 1992, and is owned and operated by Ann Westlake as a home-based business.

My specialty service is coaching New Authors who are unfamiliar with the publishing process. Ask yourself these key questions:

Do I pursue the traditional publishing path or the self publishing route?
What is the difference?
What are their publishing guidelines?
What markets should I apply to?
What market does my project fit into?
What do I have to know, do, be ready for, understand and decide before I publish, during the process, and when I am ready to market
and promote my finished project?
What about a web site?

I can, and will, coach you through the channels of the publishing process, no matter which course you choose. Review our "New
Authors" section for more information. Coaching consultation and editing fees are based on the work required, and the time involved.

"Ann, my characters thank you. They were probably jumping for
joy when I found you. You know exactly what you're doing,
and I consider it a privilege working with you." Tanna Marie Angers

NEW SERVICE - Are you an author who "just wants to write" and not be distracted by the labours of collecting quotes and details for
production of your book? If so, we have experience and resources to do this on your behalf. You maintain control over all final
decisions without having to stop writing to do the behind-the-scenes work.
Please feel free to contact me using any of the following:

Mrs. Ann Westlake, BA
4435 - 64th Street
Ladner, B.C.
Canada V4K 3M2

Email: a_westlake@wcediting.com