Oh, what fun to be whisked back in time with “the Congress” was the main event for my
family.  The Silver Heart lets me become part of a young couple falling in and left me
wondering if the ways of the world would tear them apart.  It was a book about people
loving people, people loving horses and it pulls at my heart from many angles.  Once I
picked The Silver Heart book up I couldn’t put it down.  I may re-read it tomorrow….
Just finished reading the new book (The Silver Heart) written by my niece, Samantha
Sheridan! I am so proud of you young lady!!!!! The story line is awesome, it was one I
could not figure out until the end .......and then I wasn't ready for it to end. You ask what
my emotions were while reading - I went from happiness, crying, back to putting myself
in her shoes. Once again "It is a must read", please start the next chapter!
- Vicki
I thought the book was great. It held my interest from page 1 to the end. Easy to read
especially if you are traveling or somewhere that you get distracted. I can’t wait for
the next one lol.  
I just finished reading the book, The Silver Heart. It was a very good book.  The book
kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next and had me reading until 2:30
a.m., because I didn’t want to put it down. This book had my emotions flowing as I went
from happy to crying and back to happy. I am looking forward to the next book...
I have read this book and it takes you through the main character's life; her love of
horses, living in Ohio and a ranch in Texas, family and the loves in her life. I teared up
at one point and so have my friends. You find yourself wrapped in Sue's life and
everything going on. It is not like some romance novels, a teenager could read this
book as it is pretty clean. Love it.
-Amazon Review
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