"When Galon the Northern Pintail Duck took flight to the internet and
bookstores I knew I needed to do more with Galon," author Pam Egbert
said.  "I wanted him to do more than just create joy for the children reading
the book, I wanted him to make a difference in the world, even in a little
   After some thought Egbert created Galon's Children, a non-profit
organization to help kids all over the United States. Pam talked to a local
business, Pusheta Creek Steaks, and they sponsored Galon's Children with
the cost of the bookmarks created for Galon's Children
   "The money raised will help children who may not have a meal outside the
school systems or the daycare facilities they are at or may need a new teddy
bear when they are in the hospital,"  Egbert commented.  "They can't help
themselves so we need to take a step and help fill them with food and the
love from others who care. Our children are so special and something what
seems so small to us is not to them."
Donations can be made to ProDuctions PR LLC, P.O. Box
56, Botkins, OH 45306.  With each donation a
bookmark(s) will be mailed to you through the U.S. Mail.
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Ryan Hinkle is a Country music artist with real country roots, he grew up in a small farm town in rural southern Missouri. Growing up a member of a working class family in a small town, Ryan followed the footsteps of his
family and became a tradesman. He was working as a carpenter right out of high school, and started his own business at the ripe old age of 19. For 10 years he struggled as a small business owner till he closed up shop due
to the poor economy. During all this time Music was the undertone of his life. Competing in and auditioning for various competitions and talent shows including USA Network's "Nashville Star", County fairs, Local talent
shows and NBC's "The Voice". Ryan never really devoted his time or life to music till he moved to California in 2008, it had always just been a hobby till then. It was in mid-2009 that Ryan embraced the idea that he really
did have the talent and ability to pursue a music career. The wheels started turning and Ryan began working with various local artists and song writers to help develop his own personal sound and style. Ryan's career
found its true focus in 2011 after the passing of his beloved grandfather and lifetime mentor Carl Hinkle.   

"It put the whole thing into perspective for me and I really understood that we only have so much time here, and if you are blessed with a talent, you need to use it. I have been able to inject so much more emotion into my
songs since we lost him. I really can’t put my finger on it but there was a definite change in my overall ability to connect with music. I'd like to think someone put in a good word for me up there"   

Ryan has also recently retired from a career in semi-pro football. He has played for several teams across the country. Football is the "other" great passion of his life outside of music. Injuries plagued his time in the sport with
2 knee reconstructions and several broken bones. Still an avid football fan, Ryan roots for his favorite pro team, the Dallas Cowboys. These days in his spare time, Ryan enjoys his time with family, and his horses.  Ryan
has just finished his debut album in Nashville with the industry's top musicians, writers and producers.

Ryan is presently touring with some of the country music greats like Mark Chestnutt and Craig Campbell.  Check out his website at www.markhinklecountry.com for his touring dates.