Galon the Northern Pintail Duck is the story about a duck who lives at a pond with
other animals, surrounding woods and the local farm.  Through the stories Galon
interacts with his friends around the pond and introduces you to each one of the
characters in the book.  Tadpole shows Galon his courage and Timmy the turtle
teaches Galon to skip stones across the pond.  Each animal in the book has a
story and they join Galon, giving him more insight into the current problem or
experience he is tackling.  

The series of books has Galon traveling through various experiences and shows
him, or the characters in the book, tackling modern problems the children of today
are facing.  The idea is to reach out to the 5 to 10 year olds and help them through
the eyes of Galon.

Galon the Northern Pintail Duck book is the story of Galon losing his parents
before he was hatched and not having a family like the rest of the animals.  He has
to learn what a family really is.  In this book, many of the main characters around
the pond are introduced to the book series. Each character has their own
personality and you soon love the characters through the illustrations and story.
the Northern Pintail Duck I knew he was he had
so much to give the world and I knew he needed
something special to go with him," Egbert
explained.  "One of my special friends, La Donna
Brewer Capps, was working on her new album and
I asked if she had anything we could use for
Galon.   She much as I did and would write a song
for Galon."
That was the beginning of a great project.  Pam
and La Donna talked about the book and what the
heart of the story was about.  Between La Donna
and Barry Wayne the song grew into what it is
today. "You Can Do Anything" was produced in
the Nashville at Tone Slinger Recording Studios,
with La Donna put her voice and heart into the
"This song has become such an inspiration to so
many people and I feel so special to have a song
for Galon and his friends," Pam said.  "La Donna
always picks on me and says Galon is her duck
and she loves him more than I do.  I think I am
very blessed to have such good friends."
Everyone was playing and having a good time.  Susie
Snake was helping Mrs. Frog keep an eye on all her little
ones… both sets of kids were playing leap frog. Rachel
Rabbit had her little ones playing with Mr. Turtle’s
family, as he was busy with Mr. Beaver.      Mr. Beaver was
talking to Mr. Turtle about making some new repairs to
his house for the new little one, who would be born in a
few months.  Galon smiled as Mr. Turtle pulled out a
pencil to make the changes Mr. Beaver wanted on the new
room, even though Mr. Beaver was the builder at the
pond. Galon loved how patient Mr. Beaver was with Mr.
Turtle.  The beaver just smiled and nodded to the turtle
and let him feel helpful with the building project.  

Barbara Bird was right.  The fact wasn’t that the family
was all the same, it was that they loved one another and
they all worked together.  He did have a family and was
happy here at the pond.  
Galon watched everyone working.  Tadpole was looking
in the blades of grass and around the edge of the pond for
more new things. Galon wanted to explore like Tadpole
did every day.  

(Excerpt from Galon the Northern Pintail Duck)
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"I could have never accomplished all I
did without the help and advice of Ann
Westlake, my editor.  Thank You Ann
for everything!"

"Davina, you brought Galon to life and
gave him the love that was written into
the story.  Thanks so much for being
part of my book."

Pam Egbert
    LaDonna has been singing since she was three years old. Her father was a minister, so singing in church was a normal part of life. Growing up in church, along with her older sisters, was the way it was.
Soon her vocal skills began to develop, with help from her sister Peggy who taught and encouraged her to sing. Later on she began to sing with many Country Artists, which led her to Nashville, doing background vocals on many
artists recordings. Because of that she is listed as one of the most recorded background vocalist in Nashville. During this time she also began working at many of the venues in the Music City. She has sung on recordings by : Garth
Brooks, Alan Jackson, Charlie Louvin, Joanne Cash, Leona Williams, Ron Williams, Steve Wariner, Lorrie Morgan, Tanya Tucker, Jeannie Seely, and many many others.
Her writing skills also got noticed, and she has become one of the most prolific writers to ever take a pen in hand. She has written songs that has been recorded by : Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Joe Nichols, Jeannie C. Riley, Ron
Williams, and The Statler Brothers just to name a few.
After many years of singing and writing songs she was approached by a record label owner from the west coast, and was asked to sign a recording contract. Cyze-o-graph Music, and Open Highway Records became her new home.
LaDonna has recently released her new album, Mama’s Going Back to Cool.  This album shows another side of Brewer-Capps and pulls in her country roots with the title song Mama’s Going Back to Cool.  The new album can be found
on CD Baby.