James Paul Music Publishing (BMI) was established
in 1994 to provide a copyright service for songwriters
and generate royalty revenue for both the songwriters
and the publishing company.  We established James
Paul Music, a publishing company through Broadcast
Music Inc. (BMI) Nashville, Tennessee.   James Paul
Music is concerned with administering copyrights,
licensing songs to record companies and others, and
collecting royalties on behalf of the songwriter.   
Other services include issuing Mechanical Licenses,
Synchronization Licenses, Print Licenses and Song
James Paul Music

James Bruce -


Debbie Collins
Brandi Lynn Howard
Mark Yinger
William Edward Curtis
James Bruce has been involved in the entertainment business for over 40 years.  In that time he has produced artists,
managed their careers, marketed their talent through the media with press releases and presentations.   James Paul
Publishing has also been involved with the book publishing business over the past 30 years, helping artists produce
their books on sites such as Createspace and Bookbaby.   Through his efforts
Galon the Northern Pintail Duck is on
about every eBook internet site as well as the major book company's websites.  The book is being sold in soft copy, hard
copy and eBook formats.

Besides publishing book, James Paul Publishing also works with authors, who have high quality books, to find them
literary agents or publishers.  For the author who has higher aspirations and wants to go beyond self publishing or
dealing with printers, marketing campaigns, and all the other red tape that goes with self publishing, James Paul
Publishing works hard to connect the author with the literary agent or book publisher who fits well with the author.
Produced by James Bruce
Produced by James Bruce