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 Pam Egbert found her love for the outdoors through her life of growing up on a
farm.  As a child she was raised on the west side of Colorado and learned about
the Rocky Mountains, as well the farming aspects of the west.  Spending time in
the onion and sugar beet fields, with her brother, Pam remembers the stories of
being watched over by an older Indian chief while her parents worked in the
fields.  At the age of 6, the family moved back to her grandparent’s farm in West
Central Ohio.  Through high school and college Pam found communications was a
talent she excelled at.  With a major in communications at Wright State
University, Lake Campus, Pam moved on to become an on air radio personality
and then moved to editor for one of the local newspapers.  The newspaper is
where Pam Egbert found her love of writing.   This gift continued to shine as Pam
Egbert started a promotions and marketing company called ProDuctions. When a
job opened up as manager at the local high school Performing Arts Center Pam
was able to use all the skills she had developed over her lifetime.  Writing was
still something important and she found time writing at the family pond.  A
notebook was started with of all the stories and poems which were written.  Each
one giving insight into something in her life or inspired by an event.  A novel
started with Pam’s love of horses and her dream of having a public relations job.   
Galon the Northern Pintail Duck series came about when a pair of geese came to
the Egbert pond to raise a family.  Once the little ones were big enough the pair
would fly off with their family, returning each year.  The Galon book series
became a mission to help children with some of their everyday problems.  
Working at the Performing Arts Center gave Pam an understanding of some of
the problems the youth of today are facing.  She started up an internship
program at the Performing Arts Center to help students learn more about
productions and also give them more confidence.  It was a growing experience for
both the Performing Arts Center and the students.

Still living in rural Ohio Pam continues her writing and promoting her books.  Life
experiences are adding to the notebooks with future books on the horizon.   

About Author Pam Egbert
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My Uncle Don, Donald Oldiges, has always been my
support system on my writing and Galon the Northern
Pintail Duck.  He has reminded me I can do this and I
am talented enough to get this book done.  He was
right.  The first person who received an autographed
copy of my book was Uncle Don.  He is now and always
will be my mentor.